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Born and bred on Cape Cod, MA, Rachel is a lover of the ocean and all things mermaids! Rachel got the acting bug in her little Cape Cod elementary school and hasn't stopped performing since.


Rachel attended college in Long Island, NY, receiving her B.F.A. in Acting. She then moved directly to NYC where she spent ten years finding and understanding herself, laughing, crying, spending too much money, acting, and taking classes in both theatre & film. 


Six years ago, she traveled down to Richmond, VA, on a non-permanent whim and was surprised to learn it was booming with theatre. She relocated here and has been able to work non-stop in theatre and is now with a couple of Mid-Atlantic agencies. Rachel also still considers NYC home, and travels up there for work and auditions and friends and bagels. And pizza.

Rachel loves theatre & musical theatre but is also highly interested in working more in film and television. She is interested in finding N.Y. & L.A. representation over this next year!




Hutson Talent Agency                               Modelogic (Mid-Atlantic)                          

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